Hey, Wha’ Happen?

December 10, 2007



So, though this image is a bit dated I felt like I should introduce you to Riley. Riley is a 2 year old boxer who belongs to my boyfriends sister (Shaina) and her husband (Casey). Riley is very nice and is known widely for his ability to look confused. When you ask him “Whats going on?”, in a concerned voice, he cocks his head to the side (indescribably cute). Riley is amazingly able to fit his back foot inside his mouth to clean it. He is also known throughout the neighborhood for looking through the blinds out the front picture window at the passersby; so well known, in fact, that when sitting in the living room you will often hear people outside calling his name, while they look nervously to see if anyone spots them looking crazy calling to a house front. I decided to post this picture of Riley because it makes me laugh. The wood is the same color as him and he has his eyebrows raised in what looks to be concern. It just looks like another dog exploded into splinters and he is worried.


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