If you’re sad and you like beer, this is your movie

December 10, 2007


I just recently saw the movie “The Saddest Song in the World” which I thought was odd and wonderful production. Filmed and cut like it was from the German Expressionist movement of the 1920 this movie uses the outrageously stereotyped views of the nations of the world in order to form a comedy that is rich in its good-old-fashion discrimination. The main plot behind the movie is that a rich beer baroness of Winnipeg (the proclaimed depression capital of the world), decides to hold a contest to find the saddest song in the world, a ploy to rase sales durring the simultanius economic depresson. So all the nations of the world send representatives to participate in a sing-off. Set up in battle style, you get to see Siam vs. Mexico, Serbia vs. Spain and Africa vs. Canada fighting to be the saddest. There is also a tragedy to be found in the side story which is based between the Baroness and the representatives of Canada, USA and Serbia. But alas, don’t let tragedy sway you from watching this gem, you will also get to see ridiculous spectators, obnoxious stock footage and a functional pair of beer filled, glass legs. Who could ask for more.


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