January 20, 2008


So here’s an interesting documentary. As you might guess, this film presents not only the time-line of the famous font but its significance in the modern global culture. Having been created in the early mid-’50s , Helvetica was intended to be clean and universal while retaining a curvature which denoted a welcoming, human atmosphere. In essence, an institutional neutral font was borne. Come the ’60 corporations were jumping at the opportunity to re-invent their image with clean lines. You can now see Helvetica almost everywhere you go, in corporate logos such as American Airlines, Urban Outfitters and Sears, and yes in all public governmental signage. Helvetica is the worlds most readable font, and this film is about the people who made it, the people who love it and the people who hate it.

The above image was my spin off of a design my boyfriend was working on. He found out that the word heart does not look good in Helvetica.


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