Woody Allen Weekend

March 2, 2008


I’ve had a good weekend watching three Woody Allen movies I hadn’t previously watched.  The first one was Manhattan.  I liked it but I it isn’t on my top list.  I felt like it was too much of an outlet for Woody’s inelegance and lacked enough plot to keep me really interested.

The second one I watched was Manhattan Murder Mystery and as you can assume it was much more plot driven.  This was a wonderful film.  Woody was sharp as a tack as usual and the combination of that with suspense really made this film shine.  He also brought back Diane Keaton, the only female costar Woody has ever had real on-screen chemistry with.

The third film of Woody’s was his early and often unappreciated What’s Up, Tiger Lilly?.  Here Woody took a Japanese action film and redubbed it with with crack humor.  Now I can understand why this might not be the most popular of his films but I was a lot of fun.  The ridiculous dialogue fits the actions so well that you almost can’t make out the original intent of certain scenes.


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