Dusk ’til Drawn 2

September 9, 2011

The second year of this great program has ended.  The Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum puts on Dusk ’till Drawn, a 24 hour art making and selling event.  This is what I made:



Telecom Treaty

January 22, 2011

My most recent piece was up at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum for a show called Super Santa Barbara II, the theme of which is Net Neutrality.  The piece that I produced is called Telecom Treaty and the following is the text I wrote to go on the didactic next to the installation:

When deciding on a subject for this show I was struck by one of the many political issues that are surrounding the topic of net neutrality, minority manipulation.  It has recently come to light that a handful of telecom companies have been making major donations to minority advocacy groups and that these groups have come forward as some of the strongest voices in the anti-net neutrality campaign.  This struck me as odd because the people that these groups represent would be the most negatively affected by such a change in policy as they tend to be the poorest and least represented communities.  This reminded me of the American Indian treaties in which the Native Americans were lead to believe that contracts they were signing would make their life easier and instead many were quickly moved off their land.  The imagery I chose is indicative of the Indian treaties but with a corporate twist.


February 9, 2010

Hey Guys and Gals.  I am writing a bunch of articles for Santa Barbara’s citizen journalism website City2.0 in which I am critiquing movies that are being shown at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  If you are interested you should go ahead and look at the following link that goes to my part of their website ‘A Sober Perspective‘ (I know its cheesy).  Later on I will repost some of the articles on here but during the festival I am leaving them just on the City2.0 web page.  I hope you read and enjoy.  Please let me know if you think that I should change my writing style or layout.

A friend of mine, Saul Gray-Hildenbrand, is producing a daily comic blog for our local Santa Barbara citizen news website City 2.0, called The Bellicose and the Bucolic.  They are all single frame comics that are inspired by conversations that Saul has overheard and then written underneath each image.

I can’t help but smile at each one, or at least sit and wonder, ‘In what circumstance would anyone say such a thing?’

I hope you enjoy these examples.  Keep up the good work Saul.

Solarplate Prints

April 3, 2009

So I just finished my first quarter of a Solarplate Printmaking class taught by Elaine LeVasseur.  It was a wonderful class and Elaine is such a fantastic teacher.  I highly recomend this class to anyone who lives in Santa Barbara and has free saturdays.  Anyway, here are the prints that I made that I am fairly proud of.  Let me know what you think.

This is an intaglio print (drawing of a piece of art I have)

This is a toprolled print

Also Toprolled

If you want to see these in bigger sizes and or my other work you can check out my flicker account here.

How the West Won

December 26, 2008

Hi to all of you out there.  I know I was going to post every day.  Well I suck at keeping up with stuff like that but here is some of my new work.  This is the start of a series I’m calling ‘How the West Won’


#1: Untitled


#2: Cowboy


#3: Washington


#4: Rock


February 18, 2008


Hi everyone.  Just thought that I would post a picture.  This is outside the front door of my apartment.

If you want to see some more Polaroids I have taken recently you can see them here.

On a sad note, Polaroid is discontinuing its production of instant film and paper.  They predict that there stock will be completely gone by 2009.  These are sad times.

Hey, Wha’ Happen?

December 10, 2007



So, though this image is a bit dated I felt like I should introduce you to Riley. Riley is a 2 year old boxer who belongs to my boyfriends sister (Shaina) and her husband (Casey). Riley is very nice and is known widely for his ability to look confused. When you ask him “Whats going on?”, in a concerned voice, he cocks his head to the side (indescribably cute). Riley is amazingly able to fit his back foot inside his mouth to clean it. He is also known throughout the neighborhood for looking through the blinds out the front picture window at the passersby; so well known, in fact, that when sitting in the living room you will often hear people outside calling his name, while they look nervously to see if anyone spots them looking crazy calling to a house front. I decided to post this picture of Riley because it makes me laugh. The wood is the same color as him and he has his eyebrows raised in what looks to be concern. It just looks like another dog exploded into splinters and he is worried.