Telecom Treaty

January 22, 2011

My most recent piece was up at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum for a show called Super Santa Barbara II, the theme of which is Net Neutrality.  The piece that I produced is called Telecom Treaty and the following is the text I wrote to go on the didactic next to the installation:

When deciding on a subject for this show I was struck by one of the many political issues that are surrounding the topic of net neutrality, minority manipulation.  It has recently come to light that a handful of telecom companies have been making major donations to minority advocacy groups and that these groups have come forward as some of the strongest voices in the anti-net neutrality campaign.  This struck me as odd because the people that these groups represent would be the most negatively affected by such a change in policy as they tend to be the poorest and least represented communities.  This reminded me of the American Indian treaties in which the Native Americans were lead to believe that contracts they were signing would make their life easier and instead many were quickly moved off their land.  The imagery I chose is indicative of the Indian treaties but with a corporate twist.



February 21, 2010

So I have started a new blog over on Tumblr that I am calling OnlyinOklahoma2.  It is dedicated to a project that I am doing with my friend May Yang in which we take a photograph-a-day a post it.  Both of us are feeling a little creatively stale, so we are giving ourselves the project of taking the short time out of the day to take one photo with thought behind it.  I would be excited to hear if anyone wants to join us in this project.  Please let me know if you are going to do a similar project or have already done so.  And please check out my posts.

Solarplate Prints

April 3, 2009

So I just finished my first quarter of a Solarplate Printmaking class taught by Elaine LeVasseur.  It was a wonderful class and Elaine is such a fantastic teacher.  I highly recomend this class to anyone who lives in Santa Barbara and has free saturdays.  Anyway, here are the prints that I made that I am fairly proud of.  Let me know what you think.

This is an intaglio print (drawing of a piece of art I have)

This is a toprolled print

Also Toprolled

If you want to see these in bigger sizes and or my other work you can check out my flicker account here.

Collage Collaboration

January 7, 2009

So a friend of mine, May Yang and I started a collaborative project where one of us starts a collage and then sends it to the other.  The other person then adds to it and sends it back.  This goes on until the collage is deemed complete.

I know May from Tulsa.  We went to high school together and, while I went to school for medical photography, she went to the Maryland Institute College of Art for Print making.  So jealous.  Any way here is the result of our first two collages:


So this is the one that I started and every other one that you see is  an addtion that either of us made


This is the one that May started


So here is a new addtion ot my series


How the West Won

December 26, 2008

Hi to all of you out there.  I know I was going to post every day.  Well I suck at keeping up with stuff like that but here is some of my new work.  This is the start of a series I’m calling ‘How the West Won’


#1: Untitled


#2: Cowboy


#3: Washington


#4: Rock