Over Thanksgiving my brother told me about a commercial that he worked on for a new flavor of DP called Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper. I was mystified that a product that sounded so revolting could make it to grocery store shelves but was enticed by the bazaar commercial that had been made to promote it. Based on a song by new-to-the-spotlight Tay Zonday called Chocolate Rain, this product forward music video is gorgeously disgusting (as is the soda label) featuring scantily clad women being drenched in chocolate sauce. So my boyfriend Tristan, and I have made it a mission to look for this new flavor every time we go to the grocery store and today we found it. For all you out there who were also curious, don’t be. It tastes like someone emptied a bottle of chocolate syrup into a Dr Pepper and shook it up. Not the best idea I’ve heard of and not the best taste either. Instead of enjoying the soda enjoy the video.